With all these contractors being put on the "wanted" list, is it possible to call and see about them arresting my old one? I was told there was nothing they can do but everyday I see another contractor wanted for ripping people off. Does it have to be over a certain amount? Or does it need to be more than one person being ripped off?? Any answers would be helpful.
Also want to shout out to MY AWESOME NEW CONTRACTOR WHO FINISHED OUR HOUSE FROM SHEETROCK TO FINISH IN 4 MONTHS and had to deal with my picky/princess self. Mike Delatte with Del-con as been nothing short of absolutely amazing and I cant thank him enough for everything hes done! Nikki Sweatfield
For those of you looking for a contractor! We had a contractor we had signed a contract with back in September at the beginning of the month! He promised us the moon and how fast he would have my mom in her house etc! Needless to say almost 4 months went by with almost nothing done! Finally he put up sheet rock and stopped there, then was informed it would be late January when he could even come back! Needless to say he breeched his contract and i fired him! Low and behold God was watching over us and sent us mike Delatte from del-con Ilc he has been a godsend! He has gotten more done in a week than the other so called contractor did in 4 months and supervises his crews the whole way!! He has saved my mom so much sadness and heartbreak that has stopped her from going back home and the best part is he is just as excited to get her home as I am! Sometimes word of mouth is your best adverstisement and if your in need of honest hardworking people that stick to the plan and their word then you should contact him! And my mom is 75 and has Parkinson's and he has made her Christmas wish come true! I haven't see her this excited or a smile on her face since the flood in August but Mike Delatte has made that happen! If you need someone you can trust, that does a great job then you should give him a call! Or pm me and I can give u his number!!
ISO a licensed and insured contractor to give us quotes on replacing 1740 sq ft of flooring and tile a shower and fireplace. Flooring will be laminate and tile. Thanks!
Kathy Mabile Hebert added 15 new photos. August 16 at 12:24 PM • It What a roller coaster! Yet, one year later-we survived and have been blessed yet again. Special thanks to all my angels on Earth who have stood by me through my struggles, decisions, and tears! Special, super duper thank you to Lanelle N Fred, my brother and his wife for opening their home to me and my children-forever grateful! Love you all! God is good-all the time!
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Can't forget my contractor who has gone above and beyond to get me back in my home! Mike Delatte-finished pics to come soon! Kathy Mabile Hebert
Thank You Mike Delatte and your team, y'all brought us from flood to complete Rebuild in 4 four months. If anyone is looking for a fair and honest contractor Call Mike DeLatte he did a great job. Tina Harvey Courville
Can't forget my contractor who has gone above and beyond to get me back in my home! Mike Delatte-finished pics to come soon!